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Steady Growth

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Unique for you investing

Ascencia Steady Growth Portfolios are long-term investment solutions.

Ascencia recognises that managing risk is the cornerstone of a prudent investment strategy. Our Model Portfolio Solution has been designed to achieve long term capital growth on a risk adjusted basis.

The Steady Growth Portfolios are designed to help clients achieve their investment objectives, at the risk level suited to their long term financial requirements.

We believe that a multi-asset approach to delivering capital growth through diversification is the most suitable way to meet your investment needs.

The solution should suit clients seeking medium to long-term capital appreciation, who can also tolerate periods of market volatility.


  • Forward-looking investment approach
  • Advanced portfolio diversification by asset class
  • Pro-active approach to volatility during times of market uncertainty


  • A smooth path toward achieving your investment objective
  • Active risk management during periods of market volatility
  • Focus on reducing the potential for capital loss


  • As with any investments there are no guarantees
  • Your capital is at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and they may not get back the amount originally invested
  • You should remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
  • Global portfolios may be exposed to geopolitical and currency risks

Risk management

Ascencia Steady Growth Portfolios use a pro-active approach to evaluating risk.

Steady Growth delivering a smoother investment experience is our key objective. Accordingly our portfolio solution embeds volatility management in the investment process. Steady Growth seeks to mitigate meaningful declines, when traditional diversification is undermined due to increased correlation between asset classes in times of market stress.

The objective of our forward-looking, dynamic asset allocation approach is to anticipate periods of significant market volatility, caused by increases in correlation and to adjust our models to insulate the core of your client’s investment, thus guiding investors towards steadier returns.

Steady Growth Portfolios investment philosophy

Traditional investment management relies on historical measures of risk that can underestimate a portfolio’s exposure to capital loss in times of market stress. Ascencia Steady Growth Portfolios use a forward looking process that seeks to mitigate these challenges.

Our Steady Growth portfolio solution is designed to deliver long-term growth by combining strategic and tactical asset allocation with proactive decision making. Modern investment themes, with a macro-economic overlay, are incorporated into the portfolio design. The product’s agility enhances long-term returns.

Dynamic Portfolio

Our dynamic portfolio is widely diversified over multiple asset, classes that include:

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Infrastructure

Modern Investment Themes

  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Supply / Demand imbalances

Asset Allocation

During the asset allocation process the investment management committee form a strategic and tactical view. This is followed by a screening process to identify the most appropriate instruments to implement this view. We then put this asset allocation through our risk model to optimize a series of portfolios with different thresholds to equity content.

Steady Growth Portfolios

Steady Growth is suited to clients seeking capital growth over the longer term and who are prepared to accept elevated levels of portfolio volatility.

The portfolios are multi-asset strategies that employ strategic and tactical asset allocation methodologies, typically with a higher weighting to equities.

Portfolio construction is principally via exchange traded funds that offer both the benefits of liquidity and lower cost.

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