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Safety First

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Unique for you investing

Ascencia Safety First Portfolios are a unique investment solution, providing a powerful tool for managing volatility and risk which can complement any wealth strategy.

Ascencia recognises that managing risk is the cornerstone of a complete investment strategy. Our Safety First Portfolios aim to insulate the core of your investments from dramatic market highs and lows.

The volatility management process is the foundation stone of Ascencia Safety First. The Safety First Portfolios are adjusted to help achieve your investment objectives while endeavouring to target risk.


  • Strategic and tactical investment views
  • Forward looking approach to portfolio diversification by asset class
  • A process aiming to target volatility during market setbacks


  • A smoother path portfolio risk achieving your investment objectives
  • Potential to reduce portfolio risk during periods of market volatility
  • Focus on reducing the potential for capital loss


  • As with any investments there are no guarantees
  • Your capital is at risk. The value of investments and the income they yield, can go down as well as up and may not get back the amount originally invested
  • You should remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
  • Global portfolios may be exposed to geopolitical and currency risks


The evolution of risk management

Ascencia Safety First Portfolios use a forward-looking process to evaluate risk, providing a truly unique investment solution.

Our investment solution seeks to deliver a smoother financial journey through volatility management, which is embedded in the investment process.

We seek to avoid periods where markets might be vulnerable to meaningful declines, and traditional diversification is undermined due to increased correlation between asset classes.

The objective of our forward-looking dynamic asset allocation approach is to mitigate periods of significant market volatility and adjust our models to insulate the core of your investment.

A focus on avoiding losses

Meaningful out performance is about mitigating periods of negative market returns.

Academic research has found that over the long term it is more important for investors to avoid the worst of market losses, than it is to capture the largest gains. Ascencia Safety First Portfolios seek to avoid the dangers of severe market volatility through tactical and defensive asset allocation in times of market uncertainty.

Ascencia Safety first portfolios employ a proactive volatility management process that seeks to mitigate the threats posed by uncertain markets.

As the credit crunch demonstrated, risk assets can become significantly more positively correlated with other risk assets. Assets commonly thought of as diversifiers, such as commodities, actually do not behave as such, when really needed to. Therefore it will recognise that asset correlations can change in times of market stress and therefore it will be more difficult to maintain a meaningfully diversified portfolio when such stress occurs.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Our dynamic portfolio positioning means that our asset allocation is cautious during periods of financial turbulence. As risk rises, the portfolio is re balanced away from the benchmark asset allocation, towards less volatile asset classes i.e. bonds and cash in order to reduce potential capital loss.

Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation process has been developed with volatility management in mind. We screen the investment universe, followed by a bottom-up fundamental review. From there, it goes through our risk modelling to optimize a series of portfolios with different thresholds of volatility.

Safety First Portfolios

Our Safety First Portfolios are run against industry recognised benchmarks, spread out across the risk-return curve, which offer your clients a genuinely risk-rated choice.

Ascencia Safety First Performance

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