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Our Investment Philosophy

Ascencia Investment Management

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Our statement of values

At Ascencia, the client always lies at the very centre of our thinking; their interests come first.

By understanding your unique needs and how they evolve over time, our specialist portfolio solutions seeks to deliver outcomes that match your risk and investment objectives.

At all times we aspire to act with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Our focus on integrity is allied with a caring and thoughtful ethos.

Our aim is to cement our position as your most trusted investment partner.

By applying an in depth knowledge of our clients and an open approach to communication, we aim to deliver high calibre investment solutions to you.

Our investment solutions have been especially tailored to meet your unique needs and risk tolerances. We believe a combination of strategic and tactical asset allocation, together with integral portfolio volatility management goes a long way to achieving your investment objectives.

The satisfaction of our clients is the measure of our own success.

The objectives we seek to achieve for you

Maintaining and preserving your wealth is our priority. We understand the importance of the assets with which we are entrusted and know that their stewardship is our privilege.

Our goal is to grow your investments and build your wealth that creates long term value.

Above all, our objective is to produce outcomes, in line with your appetite and requirement for risk.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is founded on four core beliefs which we believe should deliver strong long-term performance and risk-adjusted returns:

  • Active investing
  • Compounding returns
  • A long term view
  • Contemporary investment themes

Active investing

Ascencia believes strategic and tactical investing is a superior approach to delivering strong returns. We implement agile decision making and portfolio construction, in our view both being key attributes to delivering superior risk adjusted returns.

Compounding returns to grow your wealth

Ascencia strongly believes in the power of compounding wealth over time, which means defending capital on the downside and seeking to avoid the worst of market downturns. This philosophy is embedded throughout our investment solutions.

Elevated portfolio volatility can lead to capital erosion overtime. Untimely capital draw down requirements can exacerbate poor investment outcomes. In recognition of the potential negative impact, FTIM portfolio solutions include volatility management as an integral part of all its product offerings.

A long term view

The best outcomes are generated for clients by stepping back and analysing investments from the correct perspective. Ascencia identify genuine patterns and price opportunities by filtering out the short term noise that so often clutters conventional investment thinking.

The best outcomes are delivered through thoughtful, strategic and tactical decision making.

Contemporary investment themes

In a fast changing world where rapid technological advancement and population growth creates opportunities for rewarding investment returns, FTIM incorporates contemporary investment themes together with more traditional assets to achieve your investment objectives.

Risk profiling

One of the core principles of our process is a structured approach to creating investment outcomes that match the risk profiles of our clients. In order to formalise this process and create a disciplined framework within which to work, we have developed five risk profiles, ranging from Risk Profile 2 (risk averse) to Risk Profile 6 (risk tolerant). Each of these profiles has been ascribed its own volatility target. In essence, the riskier the profile, the more equity exposure the portfolio contains, whilst for less risky portfolios the proportion of fixed income, alternatives and cash increases.

Our Safety First Portfolios range from risk level 2 which is comprised of less volatile assets, to risk level 6 which is comprised of assets whose value can fluctuate considerably. This process is intuitive, facilitates the accurate categorisation of our clients and imposes a central discipline on the business, allowing us to measure and evaluate the outcomes we generate for our clients.

Asset allocation, security selection and portfolio construction

At the heart of our process is the Investment Management committee. Using a range of sources, and our own in-house analysis and research, the committee formulates a house view of where we see rewarding investment opportunities.

Volatility targets helps us deliver expected returns to our clients. It allows us to measure and evaluate the outcomes generated for them against appropriate objectives.

In order to provide the kind of service our clients expect, we access a multitude of investment opportunities across all major asset classes.

To achieve this, the investment process operates through the interaction of the investment committee, where each member will contribute to the portfolio positioning.

Investment Committee

Once the investment management committee has formulated its view, each portfolio is carefully constructed and adjusted across risk profiles. To do this effectively, it draws on our in-house investment research covering the asset universe including, third party funds, direct equities, fixed income, passive investments and risk management.

The investment management committee has a defined and rigorous process designed to identify attractive investments across asset classes, and employs a number of disciplines to aid security selection.

The underlying principles we employ are:

  • Emphasis on strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Consistently applied core asset allocation and thematic views
  • Asset diversification to provide efficient returns for the level of risk taken
  • Maximising the use of our in-house investment analysis
  • Agile decision making

Our investment solutions typically hold anywhere between 10 – 20 investments across a broad range of asset classes.

We consider a range of open-ended funds, investment trusts, exchange traded funds, commodities, bonds and direct equities.


Once the investments themes and asset allocation have been risk modelled, our investment strategies are immediately implemented across our range.

Thereafter our investment strategies are monitored against our volatility risk controls to ensure adherence to expected outcomes and that they fulfil your expectations.


At Ascencia you sit at the heart of our investment philosophy and process. We are passionate, long-term investors, and take the stewardship of your wealth seriously. Above all we seek to deliver outcomes that meet your investment objectives and your attitude to risk.

History & Regulatory Information

In 2015, we became part of the Frenkel Topping family of companies.

For many years Frenkel Topping has supported the long-term wellbeing and financial goals of vulnerable individuals across England and Wales with independent financial advice, wealth management and litigation support services. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority since 2004 under FCA registration number 409409.


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