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Investment Philosophy

Statement of values:

At Ascencia Investment Management the client always lies at the very centre of our thinking; their interests come first.

Safety First

Our Safety First Portfolios (SFP)

We named our Safety First portfolios in line with our disciplined, capped volatility approach to investing on behalf of vulnerable clients.

Steady Growth

Our Steady Growth Portfolios

Designed to help clients achieve their investment objectives, at the risk level suited to their long term financial requirements.

Investment Process

Our objective is to produce great outcomes for our clients, in line with their appetite, capacity and requirement for risk.

Investment Update

Each week our Chief Investment Officer produces global macro-economic research to allow the safe navigation of client investment portfolios through volatile and uncertain investment markets.


Ascencia Investment Management

unique for you

We specialise in managing the financial and investment needs of vulnerable people throughout the UK, whose circumstances and income requirements are often unique and challenging.

This can include personal injury or clinical negligence settlements awarded as a result of life changing circumstances, and it is therefore vital that such awards work hard for our clients, both now and in the future, to give them back some of the control that they may have lost.

We offer clients a discretionary investment management service using institutional quality market research and decision tools to help manage the burden of investing all or part of such settlements.

We monitor investment performance daily and our Investment Committee meets regularly to discuss performance, opportunities and potential investment solutions from around the world.

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Our Investment Policy, Safety First Portfolios, Steady Growth Portfolios and Investment Process brochures can be requested by using the contact form

Please also find our RTS 28 disclosure document here: RTS 28


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