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Working with us

Our wellbeing-focused specialist Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) often take the following steps to help advise our clients:

Identifying goals

In our first meeting with you, we complete a fact-finding document with you to establish your income and expenditure requirements and cash reserve requirements. This process will also help to clarify your wellbeing objectives and prioritise them in order of importance. We will also help you to identify your tolerance to risk and capacity for loss with regards to investment.

Detailed cashflow modelling

This will be presented to you to show how a potential investment model and the draw down of your investments would meet your needs now and – essentially – in the future.

Financial planning advice and recommendations

These recommendations will be in line with your personal circumstances, your key objectives and your experience of financial planning. As these constantly change, we will always continue to review with you. At this stage we will also calculate your required target return.

Ongoing monitoring of investments

All of our clients have unlimited, direct access to our specialist Investment Management and IFA teams and continued access to all of our investment solutions.

We match our clients’ current needs, objectives and risk tolerance to current market opportunities and look to continuously rebalance our clients’ investment holdings to ensure that the portfolio is matched to the agreed risk tolerance – their attitude to investment risk.

We do this by identifying the best method of providing the required level of income in line with the wider financial circumstances and an individual’s immediate needs. We will then ensure that our client’s or the individual’s income requirements continue to be met. We will identify the best method of providing regular lump sum withdrawals, again in line with the wider financial circumstances and immediate needs of the individual, and we will monitor and process these in a timely manner.

We will process and monitor any ad hoc withdrawals (both anticipated and unforeseen) and ensure that whenever possible, these are also in line with the
longer-term financial goals.

Tax planning

Tax planning is essential to ensure that investments work as hard as possible to achieve client objectives. Every client is different so our investments are offered within a range of tax wrappers to ensure that our consultants and investment partners can make the most of the tax allowances relevant to each client.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice or trusts.

Other assistance

We will also be more than happy to assist in many other areas, such as liaising with the Office of the Public Guardian or Court Funds, if applicable, including assisting Deputies with any relevant matters. We can also assist with dealing with probate matters. We will provide updates, or duplicate documentation to accountants and solicitors or other relevant parties, as required.

We will advise all investment providers of any change in details, such as change of Deputy, trustee or change of address. If you wish we can set up 24-hour access to valuation data via our online services. We can also provide you with up to date ad hoc valuations at any time, by simply contacting a member of the team. We will endeavour to provide you with whatever assistance you need in relation to your investments or that of your client.

Implementation and review

Finally, we will implement your decisions and review, giving you peace of mind in your financial security and aiming to enhance your quality of life.

Why use our IFAs?

We are proud of our specialist, experienced consultants who always act with integrity at every stage of your journey with us.

What do we consider?

When making specific recommendations, we may consider many areas with you as part of our specialist independent financial advice service, including:

  • What your short, medium and long-term financial objectives are
  • Which investments are the most suitable to meet your objectives
  • If you have an immediate income need
  • If you have sufficient capital held as an emergency fund
  • If there are any appropriate tax wrappers
  • What the underlying investment charges are and the impact this would have on your funds.

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