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Why use our IFAs?

As independent financial advisers (IFAs), our specialist advice is provided exclusively for individuals with personal injury, serious injury, clinical negligence awards, other vulnerable individuals, those in later life (70+) as well as those under the supervision of the Court of Protection.

With 30 years of expertise in this field, we understand how very different our role and advice is from that of general IFAs who provide conventional investment management and financial planning advice.

The core reasons to use our IFAs are:

To help you secure your long-term plans and objectives

We offer our proven, expert advice, forged from working with individuals, like you, who need to ensure their funding pots meet their specific future care and wellbeing needs. Your financial objectives may also include the need for a regular income, to maintain means-tests welfare benefits, property adaptations and health care needs.

To help you plan for retirement

You may continue to be in employment, so once you have sorted out your short-term needs, then we can start to think about the long-term. Planning for retirement (especially if there are additional, increasing care needs at this stage) is a complex business and there are many different options available. An IFA will not only sift through the many rules and product options but help to construct a bespoke portfolio to maximise you long-term options.

To help you meet your investment goals

As you progress through life, you may begin to build up assets and your income may increase. You may wish to review your objectives to pay off a mortgage or property adaptations or to buy new care and mobility equipment and services. As your plans evolve, we can help assess what is realistically possible and put the best plan in place to help you achieve it.

To find the right combination of assets

Investment is as much about protecting the potential downsides as is it about targeted maximum growth – especially for our clients who often have a
low-medium capacity for risk. We will make a detailed assessment of your attitude to risk before making any recommendations. We will also ensure that you don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, by helping you to diversify as appropriate through asset classes, across accounts, individual funds and product providers.

To obtain an objective point of view and assessment

Every new type of product or investment opportunity is accompanied by hype – as it often proclaims to be ‘the best ever solution’. This doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Our financial advisers know how products and assets work in different markets – they are highly qualified and experienced – and can outline the downsides for you as well as the benefits.

Between us, we can then help you make a more informed decision about what products and investments to make to meet your specific objectives.

To save money

Once your risk and investment assessments are complete, we then look at your tax situation. With the use of trusts and other tools, we can ensure you are paying the right level of tax for the right income. Our financial advisers will always have your tax position in mind when making recommendations and can help point you in the right direction, even in complicated circumstances (it’s our speciality!).

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice or trusts.

To keep you on track

Even when you have an established plan, your needs have been addressed and your investments are set up and running, someone will need to keep an eye on them in case your circumstances change. This is where our specialist teams come in. We monitor market changes and work with the investment platform providers to ensure your funds are in the right place. We review and assess your position regularly, with you to ensure your objectives continue to be met.

For peace of mind

Money is a complicated subject – especially when you have suddenly received a significant sum to cater for your ongoing care and income needs. There are many things that you need to think about to both protect it and make the most of it. Markets are volatile and the media is prone to exaggeration of both the risks and rewards.

We can help to take the investment stress away from you and move it into the hands of an expert. This takes the worry out of having to plan and monitor your investments alone and allows you to focus on the important things in life: your wellbeing, your family and your friends.

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