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Welfare Benefits

Services and fees

We will review the client’s current circumstances to check that they are receiving the correct entitlement to welfare benefits and tax credits. We are also happy to advise solicitors and deputies of their client’s entitlement to welfare benefits and tax credits. The fee for this service is £150 (plus VAT).

For this fee, we:

  • have an initial, lengthy telephone discussion with the client to obtain an overview of their circumstances,
  • provide advice verbally, including a ‘better off calculation’ where applicable (e.g. comparing whether a family member would be better off if they stopped working and claimed benefits as a carer),
  • send a letter confirming the advice, which can be retained for future reference, copying this to the introducing solicitor, then
  • keep the file open for a week in case the client or solicitor have any further queries, having read the letter.

If the client then needs further help, for example with a benefit claim or appeal, there is a fee of £125 per hour for on-going casework, plus any disbursements we incur, for example by obtaining medical evidence that is specific to the benefit qualifying criteria. Throughout such cases, we will provide regular updates to the introducing solicitor.

These fees are exclusive of VAT.

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