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Personal Injury Trusts

Where you have applied for an interim payment or are nearing the settlement of your client’s claim, and specifically where your clients are in receipt of benefits, it is important to assess whether a personal injury trust should be established.

If a trust is not established, your client is at risk, upon settlement of their claim, that the benefits they are in receipt of, either being reduced or stopping altogether. In addition, your client’s future entitlement to benefit support, may be affected as well.

Frenkel Topping Limited will provide a free of charge assessment as to whether a Personal Injury Trust is suitable for your client. In order to assess whether a trust is suitable, Frenkel Topping will need to ask certain questions with regards to the income and benefits received by your client’s household and any savings or capital they already have.

Should your client decide to proceed with the trust, then Frenkel Topping can arrange to draw up the legal documents in order to establish the trust and also set up the trust bank account on their behalf.

A personal injury trust is a legal arrangement whereby trustees hold and manage a personal injury award for a beneficiary, to ensure that the beneficiary:

  • retains their entitlement to means-tested benefits, and/or
  • minimises their contribution towards the costs of ‘community care support’, provided by their local authority social services department.

This is because regulations state that personal injury awards held in this way are to be disregarded when assessing entitlement to these benefits and contributions towards community care costs.

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