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Continuing Health Care Advice

In light of the Care Act, we have extended our support services to include advice on health and social care funding.

Appointed Deputies have a positive duty to act in the best interests of their clients. This means they must aim for financial stability for the person’s care needs for the duration of their life. The Care Act (which came into force on 1 April 2015) will have a significant impact on clients in terms of funding allocations, concerns and disputes with local authorities and health care providers.

Our Continuing Health Care Advice service offers guidance to Deputies to ensure decisions for the client can be made confidently and in the client’s best interest by the use of our highly experienced, qualified advisers.

This service will suit Deputies who are uncertain and need advice on:

  • Whether their client could qualify for fully-funded NHS care
  • Whether their client could qualify for a personal health care budget and how this is calculated
  • How to challenge eligibility for fully-funded NHS care and whether they have grounds
  • Whether their client is eligible for free aftercare services under the Mental Health Act 1983 and how to obtain it
  • Whether their client is entitled to local authority support and what they should be contributing
  • Whether their client could qualify for a personal budget, usually a direct payment and how this is calculated
  • Challenging inaccurate financial assessments
  • The suitability of deferred payment agreements.

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