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Why use our IFAs

As independent financial advisers (IFAs), our specialist advice is provided exclusively for individuals with personal injury, serious injury, clinical negligence awards, other vulnerable individuals, those in later life (70+) as well as those under the supervision of the Court of Protection.

Working with us

Our wellbeing-focused specialist Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) often take the following steps to help advise our clients:

Working with Vulnerable Individuals

Healthier lifestyles and better medical care is increasing life expectancy in the UK and living longer can have significant financial implications.

The Team

Our consultants between them hold a number of qualifications.

Personal Injury Trust

A personal injury trust is a legal arrangement whereby trustees hold and manage a personal injury award for a beneficiary.

Welfare Benefits

Services and fees

We will review the client’s current circumstances to check that they are receiving the correct entitlement to welfare benefits and tax credits.

Continuing Health Care Advice

In light of the Care Act, we have extended our support services to include advice on health and social care funding.

Appointed Deputies have a positive duty to act in the best interests of their clients.

Independent Financial Advisor

advice for You

The unsettling and daunting time following a life changing event can open all sorts of emotions, financial planning needs and concerns, from income requirements, investment needs, taxation planning and succession planning to name just a few.

The journey we take with our clients to ensure future peace of mind is a very detailed one and we start at the very beginning to establish what our clients and their families want to achieve and what their concerns are. We do this by listening and supporting, before advising – from simple handholding through to complex financial calculations. These include cash flow planning and risk profiling.

This vital work allows us to analyse, research and provide suitable solutions to meet clients needs, for life. We are determined to forge lifetime client relationships and our retention rate of 99% over the past 30 plus years is testament to our ability to provide first class, specialist and valuable independent financial planning for individuals after life changing events.

The methodology of providing our advice is set out in four distinct areas:

  1. Initial meeting: Completion of fact finding documentation, establishing income and expenditure requirements, cash reserve requirements, setting objectives and prioritising them in order of importance – establishing the client’s tolerance to risk and capacity for loss.
  2. Detailed cashflow modelling to demonstrate that the drawdown of the clients’ investments meets their capital and income requirements over their suggested life expectation.
  3. Financial Planning advice and subsequent recommendations: This will be in line with the client’s circumstances, experience and key objectives.
  4. Implementation and review.

When making specific recommendations we consider many areas, including:

  • What are the client’s short, medium and long-term financial objectives?
  • What investments are suitable to meet these objectives?
  • Is there an immediate need for income?
  • Is there sufficient capital held as an emergency fund?
  • Are any tax wrappers appropriate?
  • What are the underlying charges of the investments?

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