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Periodical Payment Orders

What are the benefits of having a report?

  • Getting a report from a suitably qualified Financial Advisor can assist in achieving the optimum outcome for your client
  • We will advise the legal team and the client/representatives of the likely Required Rate of Return needed from the lump sum if PPO’s are not included
  • The report will comment on the ‘Security’ of the Defendant Insurers
  • It will advise on the balance, where appropriate, between Tax Free income and residual lump sum
  • We will provide a full cash flow analysis of the Schedule of Loss to establish how the funds will work post settlement
  • Commentary will be provided on any Local Authority Issues that may be pertinent to the case
  • Provide full financial analyse of the impact of Contributory Negligence settlement options on the case
  • Can provide an indication as to how immediate capital expenditure could impact the lump sum/PPO options
  • Advise on the appropriate indices to be utilised within the settlement.
  • The report will highlight when any ‘ceilings’ of indemnity might be breached if appropriate
  • The cashflow modelling will demonstrate the effect of Taxation and equally important Indexation of the award over the years remaining
  • We will provide graphical analysis of when the PPO option becomes more attractive to the claimant that settlement only via lump sum
  • Your files will be compliant with CPR, thus reducing any chance of a future claim for negligence for under settlement.

What reports can be provided?

  • Preliminary Report/Statement of Case:- As the name suggests this report can be used with client/representatives to set out the advantages/disadvantages at an early stage of Periodical Payments. It can also be used to notify the defendants of your intention to pursue PPO in the case
  • Full Periodical Payment Report:- This is a very detailed report which fully analyses the schedule of loss and cashflow models the scenarios that have been claimed. This report will comment on all of the factors detailed above that appertain to the case
  • Settlement Assessment Report:- Where your case is for an individual who lacks mental capacity or for a minor, then for the approval hearing the Court will wish to see advice from a suitably qualified ‘Financial Advisor’ that the terms agreed on settlement for the claimant represent the optimum outcome for their future needs. Often Counsel will base their advice on settlement on this report
  • Financial Alternatives:- The area of PPO’s can often be quite confusing and deciding which heads of damage to link to a PPO can prove to be complicated. This report can set out all of the options of PPO’s vs lump sums for various different scenarios.

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